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making the world a better place one investment at a time

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zeons finance

why zeons sustainable fund?



ZEONS SUSTAINABLE FUND is founded by non-profit environmental advocacy groups, our mission is to provide people who care about the environment a way to invest for their future. We analyze a company’s financial performance and rigorously screen companies for their environmental standards. We also then use our clout as shareholders to advocate that companies improve their environmental policies and practices and help reduce shareholder risk.


ZEONS SUSTAINABLE FUND wants to make a positive difference in the world with your time, your work and your money. You want to invest in companies that reduce, reuse and recycle resources instead of extracting them from the earth. You want to invest in companies that create natural solutions rather than chemical ones and that find ways to enhance the biosphere rather than degrade it. And, most importantly, you want to invest in companies that meet human needs.


While there are other firms that share our (and your) goals, values and commitment to leaving a positive legacy, what sets us apart is that we are, well, positive.


We don’t rely on just a negative screen to narrow down the universe of investment options. 


ZEONS SUSTAINABLE FUND is a Registered Investment Advisor and fund incubator that synthesizes professional management with positive sustainable investments in all asset classes. Our unique approach begins with research and due diligence focusing on the most relevant long term solutions for our time. Each of our investment strategies can be used singly to fill out existing client portfolios or the strategies may be combined into one healthy ecosystem.


ZEONS SUSTAINABLE FUND has developed the building blocks for a strategic ecosystem of sustainable investments that works synergistically to sustain people, our planet and healthy profits. Strategic because each investment strategy can be weighted strategically by advisors to provide appropriate growth and financial security. Ecosystem because of the diverse assortment of synergistic investments both traditional and alternative. And sustainable because the research process focuses on global and local initiatives with products and services that provide positive impact.

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zeons real estate

creating sustainable buildings and infastructure










Micro cities







Our Real Estate division provides financing and developmental services to off the grid sustainable projects around the world. We actively participate in the buying, selling, management and the development of Land and infrastructure.


These include real estate investment trusts (REITs), hotel and hospitality companies, retailers and public-sector entities. The group has sector expertise in second home and luxury urban developments , resorts, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial properties and multifamily properties.


Our Real Estate Marketing Group partners with major realtors such as Coldwell banker’s, Sotheby’s, Keller Williams along with several marketing firms to help in the pricing and distribution of all our properties around the world. This group also focuses on the organic and grassroots sales with our local partners to effectively coordinate the companies sales objectives.


With offices on four continents, and an expanding presence in growth markets such as China, Africa and India, the group offers extensive regional expertise—allowing clients to find new opportunities in countries around the world.

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zeons energy

clean and affordable energy for all



Renewables | Power Plants | Distribution




Our Clean Technology and Renewable energy division focuses in the emerging clean technology market covering a wide range of subsectors – from bio fuels to energy efficiency to solar to Geothermal to smart grid to electric vehicles among others. The division has been recognized by both the city of Houston and the Governor of Texas for the important contributions it has made towards providing sustainable energy solutions.


Established in 2005 to support and enhance ZEONS commitment to sustainable and clean energy, the Clean Technology and Renewable division has made significant strides into bio fuels research, production and distribution. The division has also invested heavily into waste to fuel and Bio fuels based power plants. Currently the energy team has made significant commitments into converting five of ZEONS Micro Cities into off the Grid Cities completely powered through renewable sources of energy such as solar, hydro, Bio fuels and geothermal.



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zeons trading

raising the standards for trade



Smart Glass | Smart Lights | Apparel




Our Trading/Retail division partners with manufacturers and producers around the world to bring the most ethically produced cost effective goods to our distributors and customers.


Our customers can choose from thousands of products in a wide range of industries, including apparel, organic food, pharmaceuticals, technology and household products.

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zeons media

lights camera imagination






Our Media division provides services covering a wide range of activities—from Movie production to investments in micro green screen studios to event management and marketing services.


With experts and relationships in Hollywood ( los Angeles) and Bollywood,(Mumbai) our teams help clients with a variety of transactions, including project feasibility to artist and talent acquisition.



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zeons technology

transforming the future



 | Defense |



Our Technology and Telecommunications divisions provides services covering a wide range of activities. From exploration into inner Space research to Project management to Software Designs and to providing Internet and wireless services.



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