Legal Agreements



Financial Protection

Zeons - Personal Corporate Guarantee(1)

Zeons - Release Waiver Agreement

Zeons- Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement(1)

Loans and IOUs

Zeons - Demand Letter

Zeons - Loan Agreement

Zeons- Financial Statement (Personal)

Zeons- Personal Corporate Guarantee

Zeons- Promissory Note

Zeons- Shareholder Loan Agreement

Sales and Transactions

Zeons - Bill of Sale of Animals

Zeons - Bill of Sale OF EQUIPMENT

Zeons - Bill of Sale of Motor vehicle

Zeons - Quitclaim Deed(2)

Zeons - Real Estate Purchase Agreement(1)

Zeons- Bill of Sale of Watercraft Boat

Zeons - Sales Agreement

Zeons- Complaint Letter

Zeons - Warranty Deed(1)

Zeons- Bill of Sale of personal property

Zeons- Letter of Intent(1)

Zeons- Purchase Agreement

Zeons- Purchase of Business Agreement

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