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Legal Agreements

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Buying and Selling a Business

Zeons- Letter of Intent(2)

Zeons- Purchase of Business Agreement(1)

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Forms

Zeons - Cease & Desist Letter

Zeons - Confidentiality Agreement(1) (Purchase and seller)

Zeons- Confidentiality Agreement(2)(Invention)

Zeons- EULA

Zeons - Confidentiality Agreement(3)(Other)

Zeons - Confidentiality Agreement

Zeons- Non-Disclosure Agreement(1)(Purchase and Sale)

Zeons- Non-Disclosure Agreement(2)(Invention)

Zeons- Non-Disclosure Agreement(3)(Other)

Zeons- Non-Disclosure Agreement(Employment service)

Director Forms

Zeons - Directors' Organizational Meeting

Zeons- Directors' Resolution

Employment and Human Resource (HR) Forms

Zeons - Employment Termination Letter

Zeons - Resume

Zeons- Compensation Agreement

Zeons- Employee Warning Letter

Zeons- Employment Contract

Zeons- Employment Offer Letter


Zeons - Corporate Bylaws

Zeons- Articles of Incorporation

Zeons- Business Plan

Zeons- Incorporators' Organizational Meeting

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Forms

Zeons- LLC Operating Agreement

Modifying a Business Agreement

Zeons- Affidavit

Zeons- Amending Agreement

Zeons- Assignment

Zeons- Termination Agreement

Music Entertainment Forms

Zeons - Model and Entertainment Release

Zeons - Music Recording Contract

Zeons - Performance Contract

Partnership and Joint Venture Forms

Zeons - Joint Venture Agreement

Zeons- Assignment of Partnership Interest

Zeons- Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership

Zeons- Partnership Agreement

Zeons- Partnership Amendment

Zeons- Sister Company

Protecting your Business

Zeons - Hold-Harmless (Indemnity) Agreement(2)

Zeons - Personal Corporate Guarantee(2)

Zeons - Release Waiver Agreement(6)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(2)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(3)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(4)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(5)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(7)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(8)

Zeons- Release Waiver Agreement(9)

Service Forms

Zeons - Computer Services Agreement

Zeons - Consulting Agreement

Zeons - Independent Contractor Agreement

Zeons- Catering Contract

Zeons- Cleaning Services Agreement

Zeons- Consulting Agreement(1)

Zeons- Service Agreement(1)

Zeons- Service Agreement(2)

Zeons- Service Agreement

Shareholder Forms

Zeons - Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting

Zeons - Share Purchase Agreement

Zeons - Shareholder Loan Agreement(1)

Zeons - Shareholders' Consent to Action Without Meeting

Zeons- Share Repurchase Agreement

Zeons- Shareholder Agreement

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